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  1. If you need to change your usage plan, please inform us by writing one month earlier. The new charges would effect in next statement.
  2. If the goods is damaged or lost, the maximum compensation would not more than HKD500. We would not responsible for any other losses, especially the indirect losses. We are not responsible for fragile items, natural disaster, theft and force majeure.
  3. Our service hours is Monday to Friday, 9a.m. to 6p.m. and Sat 9a.m. to 1p.m. When the tropical cyclone warning signal no.8 or above or the rainstorm black warning is issued, all delivery services suspense.
  4. Our statement of Account would be sent at the end of the month. Please settle the bills within 7 days from the statement date. We reserve the right to add 10% on the bills amount for late payment.
  5. Customer should inform one month before the termination of service contract. Upon the cancellation of service, customer should settle the bills immediately.
  6. Except the unavoidable reasons, order received before 1p.m. on Monday to Friday would arrived before 7p.m. at the same day. Order received between 1p.m. to 6p.m. on Monday to Friday and before 1p.m. on Saturday would arrive before 1p.m. in the next working day. If delivery is not made as above, the particular order would have no charge.
  7. To serve you better, you will have your own customer number. Please list your customer number, name, address, contact person and telephone number on the booking form.
  8. We handle all I&E declaration in the morning. Please send us all relevant document before the government deadline. Customer is responsible for all government penalty caused by late submission.
  9. All air freight is charged by the higher of volume weight and actual weight. The volume weight is calculated by : Length x Width x Height ÷ 6000 ( Ocean and truck is divided by 12000 ). For details, please refer to our quotation. We will have no further notice for any changes. The charges does not include taxes and duties.
  10. We reserve the rights to refuse or abandon any person or company’s order or goods and we are not responsible for any delay of delivery.
  11. Customers should declare to us and have their own insurance for the valuables. We could arrange cargo insurance on customer’s behalf, 1% on cargo value is charged.
  12. Means of Payment

    Bank / Online transfer
    Account number : HSBC 400-548509-001  or  Hang Seng Bank 773-714076-883
    Please fax your bank note or transfer reference code to (852) 8147-0155 or send to info@astglobalexpress.com , please also state your customer number or invoice number.

    By Cheque
    Please pay to “AST GLOBAL EXPRESS LIMITED”  and write down your customer number or invoice number at the back of the cheque.

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